November 30, 2009

Using All the Space Available

I have long desired to have a place in the house to hang winter/summer jackets on their off season so that our coats aren't always in a tote.
The extra wall space next to our wall cabinets is great for this.
To also finish up this area we added counter top to our base cabinets.
And not only will I get a place to hang items but Josh also gave me a shelf.
Right now the laundry room is covered in tools that are being used to finish up the HRV but soon, very soon we will be able to move in here and make use of this great space!

November 27, 2009

Filling in the Wall

The other day I showed your our new base cabinets. Next we installed some wall cabinets for more of that wonderful storage.
Josh is so smart in figuring out how to make sure they are all hung correctly without making one of us stand holding the cabinet over our heads.
We got the small cabinet from the Resale store two years ago and bought the other two cabinets new at Home Depot
It is all looking so nice!
(yes we moved the misplaced knob down on the left cabinet)
We are moving right along.

November 26, 2009

So Thankful at Thanksgiving Time

I am Thankful for so very much this year!
I give thanks for:
1. Josh
He is my best friend, my partner, my traveling buddy, my solid rock on hard days, often time my voice of reason and my joy. I am thankful for how hard he works at home and at his job. I am so thankful that God has given me such an amazing husband. I enjoy each day that I get to spend with him!
2. Family and Friends
Davis side, Klynstra side and all of our friends!
3. Our Beautiful House
And all of our amazing colors
4. Water, Water, Water
And the things that it lets us do
5. Zeke
I love this little rabbit so much and I often tell him when I am frustrated that he should be thankful I love him so much because sometimes...
6. Mother's Summer in Alaska
It was great!
7. Life
We are so busy all the time that I love the times this past year when we were able to get away and enjoy each other and life.
Each day is a new adventure!
What are you thankful for this year?

November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Food for the Food Bank

Last year Josh and I were in charge of purchasing food for the Fairbanks Food Bank from funds donated by our church. Well this year we did it again.
This year the food bank needed yams, cranberry sauce and condensed milk. (sorry about the picture quality, camera was still on the outdoor setting from the bonfire pictures)
We ended up donating:
166 cans of yams
191 cans of cranberry sauce
191 cans of milk
Total: 757 pounds of food!
We are so thankful for all we have and what we can give!

November 24, 2009

A Night of Work and Fun

The other night it was -6 degrees but the forecast was for -25. We figured that night was as good as any to burn down one of our brush piles from the summer. We started fires on both ends of the pile and watched the flames take over.
Always watched over by my trusty Fire Marshal who was close at hand
As the fire grew the two flames met in the middle and made one large fire in the dark snowy night.
And even at -6 degrees and snowing we were warm and comfortable enough to sit in the snow and watch the show.
Because not much else is more soothing than a fire
And knowing that your evening enjoyment is also removing a huge pile of brush from your yard!!

November 23, 2009

Parts and Pieces

Even though we have been talking about the laundry room for weeks now, we aren't done yet! After flooring and walls came the cabinets. We were able to get all of our base cabinets for a great deal at our local Habitat for Humanity ReSale Store. If you have one in your area you should check it out!
It was the "put it together ourselves" kind of cabinets.
Soon they were all put togetherAnd Josh mounted them to the wall
And to each other.
The combination of the red walls, wood flooring and white cabinets is great. Plus, lots of storage room is amazing. After having things in totes and boxes for so many years I am not sure what to put into the cabinets. But don't worry, I am sure I will get over that pretty easily.

November 20, 2009

Look What Has Arrived!

A friend recently asked us how we decide what to do next on the house when we have so very much to do. Our answer, we do what need to be done now! The reason the laundry room has been worked on these past few weeks is because we need/want our HRV unit for the winter to help out with heating and moisture in the house and we couldn't install the unit until the walls were all drywalled and ready. So you can probably guess our excitement the other day when we brought this home.
To save money a year and a half ago when we started this HRV route we decided to do go the "do it yourself" route. So when I went to pick up the unit I took lots of pictures of the units they have on display at the store
So Josh and I would have a reference when we put the unit all together.
Just can't wait until it all comes out of the boxes.

November 19, 2009

Constant Companions

The weather here in Fairbanks has been between -8 and -25 degrees this week and for some reason I can not seem to warm up enough lately. Not really sure what I am going to do when winter really hits with our -50 temps later this winter. The few things that help me out this problem have become my constant companions.
First are pants from Ibex. For my birthday in June my mother-in-law gave me the gift of something Ibex. I found these pants on an amazing sale at that time because it was June and I was all geared up to buy wool pants. Excitedly I put in my order and when they arrived I wore them for all of 5 minutes. Wow they were too warm. I thanked mom K and put them in my dresser. Well they have now come out and I can not be more thankful. They are great. The nylon outside keep the wind and cold air from coming through the pants and the wool lining is just heavenly all day long! Thank you so much mom K. these are the best!!
The second item that is pretty much on me at all times as well are these shoes from Merrell. Last year when I was in Texas in February all of the winter gear was on sale at REI. When my dad and I were there he saw these shoes and was sure they would be great. I just wasn't too sure. I was concerned that the low backs on the shoes would let in snow and they would be too tight with wool socks but he was sure they would work and with being on sale he bought them for me. Well dad, you were right. These shoes are amazing. I wear them pretty much every single day with wool socks and my feet are great. When the cold cold weather arrives I will wear my sorel boots but for now these are the best for getting me where I need to go.

So here we are mid-November and the dark cold days of winter are arriving here in Fairbanks. But I am so very thankful for the warm clothing that has been given to me that is keeping me warm.

Design Team

So the Holidays are fast approaching and Josh and I have been asked to house sit/watch a friend's house for most of the entire holiday season. This house isn't far from ours and it has a completed workshop that Josh has been told he can use.
Soon I had an idea
That goes with the plans Josh has for here
and here
So I talked to my design team this morning about this idea
That will involve a lot of this
And soon Josh was working to finalize his proposed designs. It is going to be an interesting season for sure. Any guesses as to what is on the design team's mind? We all love the surprises Christmas time brings!

November 18, 2009

Put Where They Belong

For the past few weeks our washer has been here, next to our couch.
Our dryer has been here, next to the rabbit's cage and wood box.
But with the walls drywalled and painted and the flooring all laid, it was time to move them into place. First Josh worked on hooking up the vent duct for the dryer.
We moved the dryer in first
And soon the washer followed. Thanks to our friends that gave us this dryer we have a set folks.
I have searched around and found a laundry basket/sorter that fits in the 14" along the right side of the dryer. It is now on the Christmas wish list!

November 17, 2009

Laying Down the Floor

In picking flooring for the laundry room Josh and I wanted something that wasn't too pricey but looked nice and that we could install ourselves. We ended up choosing the vinyl tiles like I had used in the upstairs closets.
Josh and I worked as a team and slowly the old concrete floor started to disappear
Until at last we had all of the full pieces in place.
We had Zeke give the floor a try and lets just say
He prefers the comfort of the back of the couch or carpet or concrete or wood or pretty much any where besides the slippery vinyl flooring.
But that didn't slow us down. Next Josh started cutting each piece to fit along the edges.
And soon it was all done.
With everything looking so nice it was time to start filling the room back up again.

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