August 5, 2009

A Bed Frame: From old to new

If you look at this picture of our kitchen in May you will see our guest bed on the brown bed frame. Since brown doesn't really go with our guest room, we came up with a fun project to made an old bed frame fit into a new room.
First thing we did was take out all 6 drawers and sand the bed frame and the drawer tops.
Then it was time to prime
The drawers and frame
After that was dry we started painting the red. It took three coats of red on the frame and four on the drawers to get the color we wanted, a deep red.
After that was completely dry, we painted on a texture finish for crackle.
The next step was tricky, after four hours of letting the crackle dry, we painted on the white. (yes, mother is painting in her scrub top, just don't tell the hospital. ha ha)
You could only paint an area once and then had to let how it looked go because if you touched it again all the paint would come up. Hard for two ladies who like to touch it "just one more time."
We let the entire assembly dry over night, again. Sunday afternoon I added all of the hardware and put all the pieces back together. It took Josh and me many tries to figure out just how to get the bed frame through the door, we were almost to the point of letting our kitchen remain as the guest room, ha ha. But then I was able to set the whole system up and I think it looks really good.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love it! Good Job!

hxriley said...

I love it love it love it!! 'my old room'...i mean, the guest room looks amazing and even BETTER in person. you and your mom are amazing!!!!