July 13, 2009

Worthington Glacier

If you know me at all you know I love glaciers. I have desired to work on and research glaciers since 8th grade earth science class in New York. But life happens and as much as I have pushed myself towards glaciers, aka spending 2 months on the Juneau Icefield in 2002, life has lead me in a different direction such as a master's degree in Volcanology and now a job with Natural Resources. But regardless, I STILL love glaciers. Thus I was super excited to share with mother these amazing land forms I adore. On the way to Valdez we stopped to see the Worthington Glacier.
We talked about U-shaped valleys and the carving that glaciers do to the landscapes and about terminal moraines.
We talked about the unique shape of glacial ice's crystals that result in the blue color of the ice and the reasons for some glaciers being white, some black and rock covered and some blue.
We discussed the color of the water that runs off from the glaciers and the silt that it carries and what the name "glacial milk" really means. Mother of course tried out the water and was able to fully grasp the impact of what a cold "glacially fed river" feel like.
We marveled at the beauty of the surrounding rocks that have be scoured by the glacier and the vegetation that is struggling to grow.
As you will soon see, we saw many glaciers on our trip but this glacier is special. This was mother's first glacier. Her first real look and chance to walk upon what I have spoke of for years and years. Mother, I am so very happy I was able to show it to you. Thank you for being so excited with me!


hxriley said...

way to go 'crevace girl'....did i spell that wrong? :)

hxriley said...

p.s. i just noticed the 'to do list' column...i love it and can't wait to see you put lines through them....aren't some already deserving a line now?