July 7, 2009

To Keep The Home Fires Burning

As I have mentioned before, we heat with wood. The past two years it has been only wood. This winter we will use our boiler but hope to keep the cost down during the long winter with our wonderful wood stove. But in order to do that we must spend part of our summer in preparation for the cold months ahead. We have a bunch of wood rounds in our yard. Some left over from the huge truckload we bought last year, some we harvested from our friend's land and the rest are trees from our yard.
So over the holiday we weekend we used the extra day off of work to rent a wood splitter and get to work.
What a huge deal it is to be able to split cords upon cords of wood in just a few days.
But it is very tiring on the workers as well.
Josh would lift the log onto the splitter, mother would pull the lever and then I would throw the split logs off.
Having a third person helped the splitting go so much faster! Yet mother wasn't content to just pull the lever. On day two we switched it up. Josh set the long on the splitter and pulled the lever. Mother and I stood on either side of the splitter and each grabbed a 1/2 to throw. Wow the speed picked up.
And even though we were exhausted, the wood was split.
The next step is to get it all moved into the shed. Even though it has been a dry summer we don't want the wood to be rained on. One of these years we will have a relaxing 4th of July with a picnic or something more traditional. But for now the use of a three day weekend makes such a difference on the progress at the Klynstra's!!

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hxriley said...

way to work team klynstra and davis!!! i'm very impressed in the amount you got done..and the fact that you could still straighten your back and walk ;) you need to put some pics of your garden zuchinni's and tomatoes!! ohhhhh, way back Wednesday is almost here!