July 30, 2009

Sub-floor, tiles, 18 year old blow dryers and hangers

If you remember we moved our bed up to our orange bedroom in early June yet our closet was not done and so our clothes stayed in the basement. Mornings became interesting as I would run up and down the two flights of stairs trying to get read for the day. So this past week Josh and I started transforming our closets!! First we had to lay a new sub-floor. Then my job started, laying linoleum tiles. And yes, that is my bright pink hair blower that my grandma Davis gave me when I was 10 I believe. It has Kathleen Davis written all over it in my dad's handwriting for when I kept it in my gym locker in 7th grade. That blow dryer has been with me in ever state that I have lived in. You must think, Oh she must blow dry her hair after every shower and rain storm but nope, that wouldn't be true. The fact of the matter really is, I never blow dry my hair. I hate blow drying my hair b/c it make it puff up so bad. So why do I keep my hot pink blow dryer from my grandma? Well it is really good for warming up the glue on the back of tiles and plus, my mothers like to use it when they come to visit. But I am getting off topic, back to the closets.
While I worked on the tile upstairs Josh laid the sub-floor in the guest room closet. I finished the tile work in that closet on my "sick" day earlier this week.
After the floor was done Josh hung the clothes rods and I moved all of our clothes up.
Now all that is left is the shelving that Josh is building.
Hopefully the will be done this weekend and the closet will be complete.

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hxriley said...

The flooring looks great kathleen...nice blowdryer....isn't it funny the things we'll hang onto? As you already know, I think one of my fav things so far are the closets and cubbies!!! maybe you get tired of how much i run around the house say 'i love it' but there seems to be no other way to express it :)