July 9, 2009

Putting It All Together

As you might remember from this post last fall, whenever Josh needs to work with our pex tubing we have to rent a special tool. Last night we rented it for the last time. Josh worked so hard in the heat, it was 93 degrees here yesterday, to attached all of our pex tubing to our baseboard heaters.

Soon we will buy the glycol to fill the system!

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hxriley said...

yay for the pex tubing tool thingie! josh did a great job and i even learned a little. you know, it always cracks me how much YOU'VE learned. you throw all kinds of technical tool words around...or this and that and i'm always impressed. last night josh yelled and asked you for some type of tool and i was standing there thinking, "yup, i'm glad she's got that one covered...WHATEVER THAT IS!". Life is about learning...learning what tool to use, or how many of they klynstra monster no bakes to eat in one night without getting sick b/c you can't stop! love you guys!