July 14, 2009

Prince William Sound

While in Valdez Mother and I enjoyed a day cruise that took us all around Prince William Sound
We saw the amazing colors of the glacial fed waters
And the amazing ice bergs from the Columbia Glacier
And of course the beautiful blue ice
We saw the dividing line between the salt water, lower left, and the silty fresh water, upper right, as the glacier melts into the Sound.
Mother tasted the glacial ice just to see exactly what it was like.
We saw a ton of wildlife in the form of eagles, humpback whales, birds, oh the birds, and
Sea Otters (aren't they cute? Lets just leave it at that Heather!)
Small valley glaciers
Seals hanging out on pieces of floating ice
Mother found that she is one with nature and could sense when we should turn to look for more wildlife. What an amazing character trait to have:-)
We then went on to the Meanes Glacier and our boat sat silently in the water as we listened to the glacier pop and groan as it moved. We then were able to see ice chunks calve into the water, amazing.
We also saw a huge flock of stellar sea lions. It was so fun to listen to them groan and growl at each other.
And then after 9 1/2 hours we made it safely back to Valdez
And were able to view the amazing end of the 800 miles of pipeline and watch a tanker fill with crude oil headed for the lower 48. Made us think a lot about my cousin Nathan who is a Ship Mate on large oil tankers.
All in all, it was a beautifully amazing day.


hxriley said...

great pics.....i won't comment about the otters...WHERE ARE THE WHALE PICTURES?????? I WANNA SEE WHALES???

what a great trip for your mom!

Anonymous said...

Heather--We decided to just watch and whales and be thrilled and not worry about trying to snap pics. People next to us said, "we will have to delete 1000 pictures of the water where we missed the whale..." So, we just watched and were amazed. We think we saw some whales you know personally, by the way.

Anonymous said...

You live in such a beautiful area.
Thanks for the shout out!

-Capt. Nate