July 3, 2009

Our Adventure Across The Bay

Our trip across Kachemak Bay was tons of fun. But before we hang out in our cabin we had to register at the dock and hike just over three miles.
Most was muddy and hilly but this portion of the trail looked magical
We were so thankful that it didn't rain on us at all!
For the most part the trail was marked well. I only got turned around once.
And here it is, our cabin. Not what we were expecting but quite the experience. It was a trapper's cabin built in the early 50's. There was one small window, a table that folded down from the wall, a bunk bed and stove. Very "cozy"
Since the bugs were bad Josh built us a fire and we read in the smoke. The view was great!
Once again, we were so thankful it didn't rain on us, but with the wet vegetation we still needed to dry out our clothes and boots.
Most of our time was spent relaxing. I even made hobos one night for dinner, yum.
One day we decided to walk up the river.
We got all ready
Headed across
But were a little overwhelmed by temperature of the glacier fed waters
We learned we had to move fast!!
But even with numb feet we had a good time!
No lack of scenery around here when you aren't hindered by any other human. Does a toilet by itself really qualify as an outhouse? Doesn't the definition of house usually include walls?
We had a great time reading, napping, hiking and being stress free.
But our 5 am hike out on Sunday came fast
The water taxi arrived
And we had to leave that wonderful place behind.
And return to civilization.
Vacations are wonderful but life awaits!!

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hxriley said...

great post kathleen! i wanted to see inside pics of the cabin...or atleast one of standing by the door for perspective ;) I loved the 'outhouse' picture and crossing the stream photos! Heck, I liked them all! :) Looked like the cabin was way in the woods...no ocean view huh? What a great adventure!! so glad it was wonderful and recharging for you both ;) OH, and I have no idea what a HOBO is (only something Kevin calls me often?)