July 23, 2009

Looking Good

Do you remember when I showed your our main floor bathroom and it looked like this?
Then I painted the ceiling white, the walls brown and finally took the plastic off of the tub and the bathroom looked like this:
I am happy to now present a very different bathroom to you. One that has a vanity, sink, toilet and faucet that works.
On my to do list, that is on the right hand side of the blog, was "scrap the drywall mud off of the tub" and this past weekend I made it my goal to get that item done. With the help of my two mothers I scrapped and scrubbed the shower and tub.
I then also installed the curtain rod and shower curtain.
Our shower curtain, liner and all of our towels were wedding presents and it is very exciting to finally pull them out of their box after over three years and see how amazingly wonderful they look up in my house!! There are still many little things to do in the bathroom to make it a completed room but don't worry, you will get to see each step as it gets done!


Anonymous said...

Your bathroom looks great! I love the shower curtain- and I remember when you bought that curved curtain rod with me!!!! You must feel great to see these finished projects.

hxriley said...

the bathroom looks great complete w/ that fun wedding curtain and towels in the drawers :)