July 8, 2009

An Interesting Twist

The other day I prepared a crock pot of turkey soup for lunches this week. As I searched the kitchen for ingredients I came across my large yogurt container in the freezer. This container is always used for leftover vegetable juice when I eat canned veges. I use these juices for soups instead of just water. Excited to find it full I defrosted it and then added it to the crock pot. It was then that I realized I had not just defrosted vege juice but instead a container of cooked lentils. Needless to say my turkey soup has had an interesting twist this week.

1 comment:

hxriley said...

ahhh, not all that bad then? i'm sure it'll be fine ;)had fun tonight...thank you! oh, and you wouldn't believe...dry as a bone here at the uni?