July 16, 2009

A Happy Sight

It is always so fun to be at home and see mother's little yellow bumblebee coming down the road.
After living so far apart for so many years we enjoy each and every chance we get to see each other.
To add to the fun Josh's mom is coming to visit for the weekend as well. She has a long drive ahead of her today but by the time we got off work she should be near town. A chance to see the house and how it has changed since her last visit in September 08, a first meeting with our little Zeke and time to reconnect.

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hxriley said...

ahhhh, the ghetto bumblebee car....where i feel like i'm riding in the backseat while mother is driving even though i'm really in the front seat....right next to her! I love this car too!! and, you're right, it means something bigger...time to make up for years apart...so special ;) enjoy the weekend with both your mothers!