July 27, 2009

Golden Days Parade, Classic Fairbanks Style

This past week has been the annual Fairbank's celebration of Golden Days. A look back on the origin of Fairbanks and its Gold Rush era. On Saturday Josh, Mother and I attended the parade and I thought you might enjoy a glace of some Fairbanks culture:
Old Pioneers
Alaska or Bust, a flat bad trailer carrying the city's line dancing group. Mother is so excited to share this with her Line Dancing class back in Texas. These were the flags that were handed out, pitiful if you ask me. Isn't anything made here anymore?
There was the army band and the big rubber ducky race
An old sourdough pioneer and his donkey
This truck just made me laugh, I can't believe it runs.
Our UAF hockey team, the Nanooks
Humm, this sign is so true!!
This lady and her husband rode these bikes the entire parade route, amazing.
The classic Golden day prison, the sheriff and just one look at the many "saloon girls" that we saw, the golden rush wasn't a modest one at all.
A commemoration of all of Alaska's Bush Pilots
Overall we called this the parade that never ends. After almost 2 hours we left but what we did see was fun. A good chance for mother to once again see something just a little different while here this summer.

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hxriley said...

oh what a wonderful synopsis of the parade. i'm bummed i missed it this year. I love that they had the nanook all blown up and in the parade. those bikes are CRAZY!! the 'line dancing' group is the one that aundrea and i went to when she was here...they are FUN! and that old car always amazes me too!! kinda great to look back at see just 'sun' and no smoke. thanks for the photos kathleen