July 31, 2009

Door Knobs and Lights

I am happy to show you several of our small accomplishments around our home. First, I want to show you this door knob, usually boring but not this time. You see, we have officially bought all of our interior door knobs and every room has a door on it. What a wonderful step!
Next, our lights. We have found one for each of our rooms. Here is the guest room, aka: blue room.
The study, aka: green room
Our master bedroom, aka: orange room
Even the bathrooms have their lights. The first is the light and the fixture further back is the bathroom fan.
Each of these things have slowly been installed over the past few weeks but now that they are all in place it is so wonderful!


hxriley said...

it looks great!!! I couldn't believe the # of doors...especially in the basement back there in the corner!! wow!!! I love the Klynstra house and couldn't be more amazed each time I come out w/ how far you've come!!!

hxriley said...

oh and i love all the lights in the upstairs bathroom :)