July 20, 2009

Days of Hauling Our Laundry are OVER

Reading the directions
Ahh, it is beautiful and it is all ours!
The most wonderful sight.
Clothes washed at home and hung to dry in the sun. The smell of the sun and breeze in the sheets as I take down each dried item. I can't even begin to fully describe my joy!


Julia Pierson said...

Oh how I can't wait to have a clothes line of my own some day. Congrats!

Miss you,

hxriley said...

i love that you can just dry em outside ;) makes it feel so fresh!! congrats on your first load of the next 10 years??

hxriley said...

i must admit.....days of not hauling laundry has a negative effect on the rileys :( don't get to see you on those days now. I'M OVER MYSELF and just plain ol happy for ya!