July 14, 2009

A Camping Wrap Up

Just a few more pictures to share from our weekend:
Mother and her little bumblebee of a car that drove great through the mountains, it might not look like much but 36 mpg isn't anything we will complain about!!
A little camp fire and marshmallows. We borrowed a cot from my in-laws for mother to use while camping and it was so large we each ended up in our own tents, but we sure did sleep well.
An eagle had a nest and two babies in our campground so we were sure to stop and check in on her each day.
We could also view waterfalls and mountains from our site, just a little bit of heaven!!
On the way back north to Fairbanks we stopped in Copper Center at the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Visitor Center. It is fun to think we were able to see just a small piece of the largest National Park. Here is a picture of mother with the mountains of the park just beyond the Copper River.
Also, I apologise for the many "amazings" I wrote in the previous post. But honestly, it is hard to describe any other way. Don't worry, there is lots going on with the house too. I will catch you all up to speed soon.


hxriley said...

Love it!!! the pics that you guys took of each other are GREAT. I can't wait to explore that area also...hmmmm, a trend: the klynstras go...put up pictures....the rileys go! ONWARD!

Anonymous said...

Then maybe the Davis' go.....and still ONWARD, Heather! I must say, the otters were very cute despite what you had enlightened us about...