July 6, 2009

Bringing It Home

What a joy we had last week when our well was drilled. But we now had to get the water from the well in our yard, into the house.
Due to a lot of different reasons, we had to dig a 100' trench from the house to the well. Let me tell you, a 100' long and 10 ' deep trench certainly changed our yard quite a bit.
On Friday our driller came and laid our waterline being sure to also install heat tape and lots of insulation.
Saturday morning, yes on July 4th these guys are hard workers, our dirt workers came back and buried the waterline.
Then our driller installed our pump
We were so very excited by the bill. Yes it is a big one, but one we can manage since we didn't have to go as deep as we thought for our clean water!!
But the greatest joy came from when Josh hooked up the hose and out came fresh clean water that we can call our very own!!
No we don't have the water in the house yet but that is coming soon!!

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hxriley said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!!! so wonderful....wooohoooooo!!! what a long way you've come k and j!!! now let's set up the 'slippin slide'