July 17, 2009

The Beginning of The Harvest

This spring our friend Amy split her rhubarb plants and gave us these little tiny stubs of the plants for our own. We have watched with joy has they have grown beautifully in our yard.
This was the week that Josh decided they needed to be cut back and harvested. So the other night he cut up all of the rhubarb and then worked to shred a bunch of the zucchinis we have been harvesting from our garden in town.
So even though it is only the middle of July our freezer is starting to fill with fresh fruits and vegetables that we will enjoy all winter.
21 cups of rhubarb
18 cups of shredded zucchini
Not bad for a start!


hxriley said...

that is phenomenal! i feel like your blog should have done one of those 'priceless' adds you know.....
32 cups of this
10 cups of that
sore sore hands
kathleens wonderful pies and breads, priceless

okay okay, needs some work but you get the drift

Eve said...

what do you do with your rhubarb? I have a giant plant in the backyard that's threatening to suffocate us in our sleep unless I do something with it. I've made crisp a few times, but really, it's a lot of rhubarb. and no one can eat that much crisp, not even virgil severns.