July 24, 2009

Another Bathroom Post

Not to be forgotten, I need to show you our finishing work in the other bathrooms of the house. The third floor bathroom now has all of the cabinets permanently in place and functional faucets. (The lamp is just there for safe keeping and the sticker on the door of the cabinet is being worked on, I have tried goo gone and many other solvents to get the sticker off. One of these days it will be gone)
With two sinks we had to buy two faucets for one bathroom. We decided on the one you see and it has the water lever on the right and a soap dispenser on the left. It was very fun to go out and buy an industrial sized container of soap and fill them up the other day.
Because of the layout of the bathroom there isn't room to hang a toilet paper holder so we have been in search of a free standing holder instead. Just the other night I found one that would work.
And keeping up with the bathroom trend, the basement bathroom has also had a change. I took out the medicine cabinet that we had gotten years ago at a secondhand store and replaced it with the medicine cabinet that had come with the vanity set. It looks very nice!!
I was just telling mother the other day that I am really at the point where I would love to have at least one room in the house done. A room where we could close the door and say, don't worry, nothing in there needs to be worked on, bought, installed or touched up. But alas when you build a house and live in it this doesn't happen for a very long time! But these bathrooms are coming together and maybe, sometime soon we might have a room that is done. This weekend is one filled with plans for closets. Check back in on Monday to see the changes.

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hxriley said...

hey I like that toilet paper roller (never thought i'd say that). i didn't notice it last night but it's looks great. also, love the downstairs med cabinet.