June 30, 2009

Just Around Town

While on vacation it was fun to hang out with Josh's mom. Tuesday we just hung around town enjoying each other.
We walked along the Kenai River to see the new boardwalk that was built to prevent excessive erosion from all of the fishermen that come to Kenai for the salmon runs.
In the evening we picked up our friend Ben and went to play Frisbee golf in Kenai (Josh played with the settings of the camera and it messed up the lighting, sorry) We played boys against girls and mom and I thought were doing well when the boys spent most of the first three holes in the trees looking for their Frisbees
With our 5 point lead we felt great
But then we saw that the boys picked up a few tricks that we were missing and soon they sailed ahead of us.
Needless to say, fun was had and we are trying to forget the actual score.
It was so much fun to do something new! I have heard of a Frisbee golf course here in Fairbanks that I am excited to go look into soon!
On the way home we also got to stop and enjoy two baby moose in the road.
Life in Alaska is never dull!!

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hxriley said...

BEN SHOWS UP!!! how exciting!!! great family and friend times....and YES, there is a frisbee course on Birch Hill that we should def hit up :) So glad you're back...i missed you!