June 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Marriages are made in Heaven,
but so are Thunder and Lightening."
~Heard on the audio book The Spy by Ted Bell
as we were driving to Homer~

Just Around Town

While on vacation it was fun to hang out with Josh's mom. Tuesday we just hung around town enjoying each other.
We walked along the Kenai River to see the new boardwalk that was built to prevent excessive erosion from all of the fishermen that come to Kenai for the salmon runs.
In the evening we picked up our friend Ben and went to play Frisbee golf in Kenai (Josh played with the settings of the camera and it messed up the lighting, sorry) We played boys against girls and mom and I thought were doing well when the boys spent most of the first three holes in the trees looking for their Frisbees
With our 5 point lead we felt great
But then we saw that the boys picked up a few tricks that we were missing and soon they sailed ahead of us.
Needless to say, fun was had and we are trying to forget the actual score.
It was so much fun to do something new! I have heard of a Frisbee golf course here in Fairbanks that I am excited to go look into soon!
On the way home we also got to stop and enjoy two baby moose in the road.
Life in Alaska is never dull!!

June 29, 2009

Russian River Falls

On our trip to the Kenai Peninsula we had wanted to take a hike with Josh's mom. Needless to say, we were so excited about it we didn't let a stead rain stop our plans.
The first day of our trip we headed to the trail head for the Russian River Falls.
I haven't had to register for a hike since hiking in New York. I love reading the registry books and seeing where people are from!

The trail was so green and beautiful with all of the summer wildflowers out in bloom!
At the end of the trail at the waterfalls we got the great chance to watch a brown bear fish in the river.
He was so intent on fishing with his head mostly in the water he didn't see us and we were able to observe for about 10 minutes.
Once he did spot my yellow rain coat he was off to find a more solitary spot, he must have disliked having us watch as he failed to catch his fish. Hopefully he had better luck fishing in the next spot he went!
What a fun adventure!
I just love the beauty of God's earth around us!
Very wet and chilled we all walked the trail back as fast as we could
But I am so thankful we didn't let a little rain keep us inside!

There and Back Again

Josh and I are back from our trip south. What a wonderful trip it was. I have tons of pictures to go through and lots to share so I will be sure to have many posts with pictures from our trip. As I look at the pictures I laugh at the ones we took while driving south last week. You might just ask, what do we do on a 10 hour drive?
We looked at the clouds
And watched the waters of Turnigan Arm get turned up with the storm that threw tons of rain and wind at us.
I enjoyed eating corn chips as I drove
And since eating at restaurants are hard for us we picked up a great chicken in Anchorage and enjoyed dinner on the road. Yes I did take this picture while driving 65, in the rain around Turnigan arm. What can I say, I have mad skills:-)
As we neared our destination the rain stopped and the sun worked its way through parts of the thick clouds.
It was the beginning to a fun week!

June 25, 2009

Moving Day

Two years ago Josh's dad drove his large snowmachine trailer up to Fairbanks so that we could store a bunch of our household supplies, art work, camping gear, and such until our house was built. I have to say, it is very exciting to announce that that snowmachine trailer is now empty. Everything has been moved into the laundry room in our basement.
And here are our faithful movers that helped us. Thanks so much to our friends the boxes were all moved in no time at all!
And what would work be at the Klynstra's if it wasn't followed by a cookout at the fire pit.
How wonderful to have everything inside where they weren't in extreme temperatures and where if we need something it is available. Soon, very soon the house will be done and the stuff from the snowmachine won't be in boxes but will be in the house itself!

June 24, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Walls! Beautiful Walls
Walls that would some day be covered with paint and pictures Walls that will keep the cold and wet out and the warmth in
It was so much fun to see our square basement grow to so much more as the walls of the main floor were built and lifted into place.

June 23, 2009


Last week our basement bedroom that will someday be the laundry room was transformed:

Now it is ready for moving day. Stay tuned.

June 22, 2009

My Favorite Place Around

This week I am not in the office. Nope I am off to one of my favorite places with my favorite person.
Josh and I planned this anniversary trip back in February and it is finally here, we are going to my favorite place in Alaska, Homer.
We will spend the beginning of the week with Josh's mom and then head to Homer for the later part of the week. We will get a water taxi across Katchemak Bay to Halibut Cove. From there we will hike 2 1/2 miles in to Moose Valley Cabin for three great nights. If you are interested in seeing what other cabins the State of Alaska has for use you can check it out here:
Don't worry, I have programed blog entries so you can see all that we have done at the house. Hopefully when we get home we can get this well finally drilled!! Have a great week.

June 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Jut living is not enough," said the butterfly.
"One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
~Hans Christian Andersen

An Alaskan Day of Fun

Last weekend Josh, Mother and I had a little bit of fun at Chena Lakes. I made a picnic lunch of a salmon pasta salad made with brown rice pasta and eggless mayo so we all were able to enjoy it together!
Josh brought his book and enjoyed reading by the lake
I borrowed a friend's canoe
And Mother and I enjoyed heading out on the lake.
Even though it was super windy we enjoyed paddling around for almost two hours.
The afternoon was wrapped up with some fresh lemon bars.
After a super hot week it was hard for it to be a cooler Sat. when we had big plans but we still had a great time. It is so much fun to get to enjoy summer in Alaska!

June 18, 2009

Moving Up

This week has brought great changes to the Klynstra home!
Here is where our bedroom has been since September of 2007
And a quick reminder picture of what the kitchen looked like with the guest bed and desk in the kitchen
The guest bed was moved into the blue room
With the new quilt that was bought for us at our wedding three years ago.
Our bed was moved up to our orange room
And the desk and book cart were moved into the study
It is so fun to see this house becoming more of a home!!

June 17, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Even though it is a dry summer this year do you remember what it was like two years ago? I will help refresh your memory, it was wet.
Honestly it wasn't the rain all day every day wet, it was the rain for a hard hour EVERY SINGLE AFTERNOON kind of wet. Great for people who had a roof not great for us. We spent a lot of it our first summer cleaning water out of the basement and off the plywood floor of the main floor. Oh how happy we were that first day when it rained and the roof was on. We stood inside and was dry. At that time the windows weren't on so the house was still open, but we were finally dry. To this day, I am thankful for a dry house every time it rains!

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