April 2, 2009

Trying Something New

My friend Amy and I realized recently that we both had apples that we had ordered from a COOP in Washington State that were going bad. Josh and I had been dehydrating ours daily but I really wanted to try preserving our quickly spoiling apples differently. So you can imagine my excitement when read a recipe for canned gluten free apple pie filling.
By combining my apples with Amy's we had a significant enough amount to make the canning process worth it. Yet when you have more apples it takes more time! I spent just under 2 hours peeling and slicing apples. Yeah for Ipods and the Refreshments.
After filling the jars with apples it was time to make the syrup.
Canning with sugary syrups is hard with no running water.
Next Josh helped me fill each jar with syrup.
With the tightly packed apples and the thick syrup Josh was strictly on anti-bubble duty.
With a few boiling over events, consuming a lot of water for the hot water bath, ending up with a quart and pint of extra syrup, and 4 and 1/2 hours of work, we were happy to view our finished product.
What a fun project for everyone. A learning experience for me as I learned to can something new, apple pie filling to share with Amy, and of course a whole bunch of apple cores for Zeke to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I love your apron! What an amazing project you both did with those apples. I hope to be there for one of those pies ;-0


Anonymous said...

The jars full of beautiful apples look wonderful! Such lovely colors and the cinnamon smell must have been mouth-watering while you worked. Another big accomplishment. Here's to America and apple pie! (You can now hum a few bars of "My Country Tis of Thee")

hxriley said...

this is wonderful kdog...you and amy are too cute!