April 30, 2009

Open to Above

This week was a HUGE week at the Klynstra's. For the first time in two years you don't have to go outside to go upstairs!! Josh has officially cut our way open to progress.
He then went on to finish sheeting the wall with OSB, insulating and then drywalling the new stairwell. It is such a wonderful experience to be inside and just run upstairs. Even Zeke has ventured up three stairs but he usually just likes to hang out on the landing, for now.
Our construction zone upstairs and living area downstairs are now one.

April 29, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

As our foundation waited for two weeks with rebar, insulation, pex tubing and wire ready, it rained. With the rain the concrete truck wouldn't come pour our slab. To keep ourselves busy we worked on splitting and moving wood from the trees cut down for the house pad. Yet one night Josh decided it was the night to take the time to start making this land our very own.
So he spent the night up in a tree putting up ropes for our tire swing. To this day we are so thankful he spent the time hanging from his climbing harness. Our swing is one of the highlights in our yard, second of course to only our fire pit!

April 28, 2009

Up or Down

When Josh started doing electrical, 19 months ago, I went out and bought a bunch of our light fixtures. Wishful thinking I know but now that we are at the point of actually putting lights on the walls and ceilings it is so exciting to have something I love and not have to go out and make one more decision right now! But the decisions don't stop. We chose to put the lights in the sitting area and on the stairs on the walls since the ceilings are so high. Now we must decide if we like up or down best.
Humm, up or down?
With the lights on it helps us see what it looks like.
Humm, up or down. I think the final call is up on the sitting room wall, down, and on the stair wall, up. Nice thing is it only takes about 2 minutes to switch so who knows. It might be different every time you come to visit:-)

April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Hillary

Today is my big sister's Birthday. I wish I could be with her to celebrate.
Hillary, have a great day celebrating today.

Don't get too upset about being one year older!

Under Foot

Last week Josh and I attended a large bi-annual carpet sale at a local store. We are very excited at the chance to get great carpet at 40% off.
But now the choices must be made. We know we want wool, so step on is done. We have narrowed it down to two different feels, now we just must make the final decision of color.

April 24, 2009


The past few weeks have been so spring like with the temperatures in the 40's and the sky blue and sunny. But the other side of spring arrived yesterday, rain and fog.
The view of our yard of birch trees filled with fog is so strange to me and always makes me thankful for our dry, warm house.

True Color

The previous post on the new paint in the great room didn't do it justice with the windows covered and the air being so wet. The following pictures give you a little better look at our ever changing home:

Natural light (Picture taken from the sitting area, notice the installation of our ceiling fan!)
Artificial light
Natural Light (picture taken from the stairs looking up)
Artificial Light
Natural Light (Picture taken from the main floor looking up)
Artificial Light
But even with the pictures, the walls look the best in person. If you can, feel free to stop by anytime to take a look. We just bought the paint for the bedrooms. Check back next week to see more color.

April 23, 2009

The Signs of Change

In preparation for our well to be drilled and our water line being dug we have been cutting down trees the past few days.

It is so hard to see some of our big beautiful trees fall.

But someday this will be a huge garden plot brimming full of life.

In order for the trees to fall where they need to, important with the house right there, Josh climbs them and ties a rope around each one. I then pull the rope in the direction we need the tree to fall as Josh cuts the base with the chainsaw.

It is great to cut the trees down before the leaves start to arrive. Just the branches sure does make a big pile.

Monday we figured that now was as good a time as any to burn the pile of brush.

Unfortunately the brush was less than 48 hours old and very green.

But after a bit of work we finally had the fire going strong.

And the good wood waiting for their day to move to the woodshed.

And at the end of the day if you face is covered in ash, it has been a good evening of hard work.

And you are sure to sleep like a rock!

April 22, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

After the form boards and rebar came the blue insulation foam, or blue gold as we called it because it was so expensive.
On top of that came the pex tubing for radiant heat and then the wire netting.
Finally our foundation was ready for concrete, little did we know that it was going to rain for the next two weeks. Stay tuned to see what we did next.

April 21, 2009

The Right Choice

The time arrived, our great room and sitting area has been painted.

It was so hard to decide the right color but now that it is on the walls.

We are so very very pleased with our choice!

Thanks to each of you who had to listen to me go on and on about my decision for the past few days. I never would have gotten to this point without you!

Primer Makes it White

We came home the other day to the windows all closed off

And our walls all white

Even though it is just primer, still needs paint, it looks so amazing. All of our walls flow into the next!

The drywall guys are doing an amazing job.

Stay tuned, soon there will be COLOR.

A Change of Pace

Josh and I changed up our schedule a little on Friday night and Saturday. We spent the time with two of our favorite little people. Friday we went swimming at the local pool, made homemade pizzas, watched lady in the tramp and set up our tent inside to sleep in. Saturday morning was nice and relaxed with the kids staying the their pj's until 10am doing many things like:

Playing legos

Reading books

Digging through all of my fabric and yarn to create our very own dolls and learn to sew a whip stitch.

Then we bundled up to go outside to play

We had the kids running all over the yard searching for clues in their scavenger hunt.

Snowmachine trailer, outhouse, 4-wheeler, swing, woodshed, house number...

With the final clue bringing them to the fire pit where we cooked our first hot dogs of the year for lunch.

And ate them off the stick with ketchup on top, very gluten free!

What a wonderful time we had with our friends. We are looking forward to next time.


Our basement bathroom is on its way to great things.
Last week Josh installed tile and it is so fun to have a room painted with flooring.
Things are really busy around here but once they slow down a little Josh will build the cabinet and then will install the sink. Oh, we are so ready for water!

April 20, 2009

Choosing Colors

Before our Drywall Guys primed the walls I was able to try a few test coats of paint.
Going with our idea of making the great room bright, to fight off the dark winters, Josh and I tried a golden yellow.
It will then be matched with a dark green on the bottom with a white chair rail between.
Humm, I like it. Now I just need to see what it looks like when it covers the entire room.

April 17, 2009

Take A Look

This is what we came home to yesterday...
It might not look that different to you, but look close
Really close, can you see it?
Our walls have been textured. We wanted a very mild texture and so we had our guys do a smooth orange peel, that is what this is supposed to look like. Honestly, I don't see the correlation either but I like it. And what I really like is that this means...
The next step...primer.
If only our walls would dry, hummm.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Years ago my mother bought the kids a bear that reads them The Night Before Christmas.   It is a favorite every year to everyone, but Josh....