February 27, 2009

A Glimpse

Here is a first look at the latest project that Josh is making for me. It is called a book cart. The shelves are at an angle so the bindings of the books face upward and are easier to read.
The coolest part of the project is that it doesn't have a single screw or nail in it. Josh used the little blocks of wood to try out a new part of joinery. Today this shelf is once again in pieces as the final sanding and then oiling is completed. Once it is all assembled and being used I will take a few more pictures for you to see.

So for those of you who have been guessing what it is over the past month, did you guess right?


These days when lunch time rolls around and I start to get hungry I now crave this chicken salad I had in Austin. My mother took Hillary and me to this little cafe that my sister-in-law loves the day Hillary flew back to NJ. This chicken salad was amazing and the citrus dressing was the best dressing I have had in a long time!
So today as I eat my turkey soup I will think back to this great lunch that was made better by the company in which I shared it with!

February 26, 2009

That Sense of Completion

Today is a very special day.

Today I have finally completed a Lease Amendment file that I have had on my desk for 16 months.

NO, I am no just super slow. There have been so many issues that have made it impossible to move faster, aka: lawyers.

But yesterday it was signed and recorded.

Today it was updated in the computer, mailed to the client, and then refilled into the stacks where it rightfully belongs.

As I spent a moment looking at the extra space on my desk, three, yes three, more files arrived to take its place.

First I panicked, then I remembered to smile. Because yes there is lots to do. But a girl needs to take at least a moment to enjoy this small sense of accomplishment, right?

Then I found out they haven't paid the correct amount for the rent due last week. And I got an urgent call about a new file I had just gotten and I needed to know what was going on with it right away. And after that I received a message about 2 million dollars that I was supposed to have gotten and have yet to see, ahh.

And well, work goes on. Not too much time to completely enjoy that feeling of completion but tonight when I go to bed I will smile. Because today was a day where I felt good about what I did!

February 25, 2009

North to the Future

Home Sweet Home, I am home.

I arrived back in Alaska yesterday evening. It was wonderful to see Josh, friends and of course, Zeke. The first thing he wanted was a nose rub, I am guessing that I was missed. There wasn't much in the house for food and knowing I needed something to eat for lunch today I threw together everything for turkey soup into the crockpot and had it cook all night. As I got ready for work today I was excited to wear my new Merrell shoes.
And even though I am buried under papers and files at work I am reminded of my vacation by my new apple computer water bottle, thanks dad.
I have recently found that a few new people are looking at the blog and want to know what our house looks like. Right now we don't take outdoor pictures of the house since it is 1. Cold and 2. Dark. But here is a picture taken last August. We are still on a hold with the mudding and taping but as soon as the weather warms enough for that the blog will definitely show that progress!
The previous image of the house is the view from the parking area. This next picture is a view of the front of the house.
Oh those beautiful trees. I am ready to see your leaves once again!

February 22, 2009

Little Piece of Heaven

On our drive back from the beach mother and I stopped at a street vendor selling fresh vegetables from the Rio Grande Valley. Oh fresh watermelons, avocados, lemons, grapefruits and plums. Don't worry Heather, I am trying to pace myself and have yet to make myself sick off the watermelon but it is taking A LOT of self control.

3 Full Growing Seasons

My brother visited us today and brought along my nephew. It was such a nice day that we went to visit my parent's garden plot.
We picked fresh brussel sprouts, beets and broccoli. In FEBRUARY!
In Texas my parents have three full growing seasons.
It was so fun to see where my parents garden. It makes my fingers itch at the thought of my garden this coming summer. But then I remember that I still have 3 months to go before I begin planting. But yes, when I get home, I am going to start seriously planning for that wonderful day in Alaska when my plants can be placed in my plot. Thanks mum and dad for showing my your little piece of earth and the excitement that brought me!

The Smell, Images, and Feel of The Gulf

Mother and I wrapped up our visit at the beach on Friday morning.
It was a beautifully clear day and we could see all of the oil rigs and the drills. (Fun to see but made me start thinking of all the north slope leases waiting on my desk at work back at DNR and made me sad to think I must return to work again soon. But then I remembered that yes, I do have a few more days of vacation, whoo hoo.)
I love how the city uses the graders to maintain the beach roads on a daily basis.
Yes, I think I will return to the beach.

saving the best for last.

this is my first time attempting this type of joinery, i have to admit i need a lot of practice but the final product isn't as bad as i thought.
anyway, this is the heart of the project, there isn't much else to it, just a lot of sanding
it looks like zeke has a new buddy... i guess he doesn't remember all those carrots i give him

February 19, 2009

a near final product...

these are the three main pieces of the drill press: the base, the table and the slide box.
i decided to make this project aesthetically appealing, so the table is adjustable and is maple with a walnut trim.
in the bottom center of the photo is the walnut clamp that will hold the drill in the slide box.

a completely constructed drill press, minus the adjustment lever to move the drill up and down... some people may think that is important but i've concluded it is too difficult to make one so i'm not going to have one.
it does look nice though.

February 18, 2009

Thoughts Across the Miles

Heather, I saw this university campus and thought of you.
Hope your thesis data entry is going great tonight! Keep up all of your hard work. You are doing great.

Images from the Seashore

Jelly Fish (and mother's foot)
Luckily we didn't see this in person!
Of course you always have viewers
We also saw dolphins, more pelicans and many more birds (Julia, this would have been wonderful practice for your bird class). How wonderful it is to live in the Planet Earth that Josh and I watched all about last winter. If only I had David Attenborough narrating for me!

February 17, 2009

i never seem to get ahead of myself...

a whole week at home alone, or so i thought, juneau stopped by for a visit. too bad there is not enough room for catch, i think she'd like that.

as the title of this post states, every project i delve into naturally leads to an infinite number of other projects... this week i'm going to be making a my own drill press.

below are the sides and the back of the slide box that will hold the drill.
the hole in the walnut is for the tip of the drill to stick through.

here is the constructed slide box with the drill in place, i'm fitting the clasp that will hold the drill in place.

the U shaped piece of walnut at the top center of the image is the clasp that fits around the back edge of the drill, it is designed to pivot out of the way when the drill needs to be removed.

a bottom view of the box with the drill in place.

a top view of the box with the clamp down in place...

i'm hoping to have this working by the end of wednesday...
Now back to the "project"...:
and a little bit of handy work
whoa, look at all that waste, i mean shavings...
a little bit of change happening here...
and to the other side...
almost there.....
look, i'm keeping both hands behind the blade.... i guess i am getting better.
i hope everyone can see the difference between the two.
so, who knows what it is now???

How to Save a Life from Rat Poison

Are the type of things that you learn about while on vacation.
When we arrived late last night at my brother's beach house my parent's dog, Shoeless Joe Jackson, found a small block of rat poison we missed under one of the beds. Much to our dismay, my mother found 1/2 of it eaten off. What followed was a little bit of controlled chaos. We read online that you first and foremost must make your dog throw up.

Well this is easier said than done. We put our fingers down his throat, didn't work. We read salt water would do the trick and poured a bunch down his throat, nope, that didn't work either. We contacted a 24 hour vet clinic a few towns away and they said to pour hydrogen peroxide down his throat, 1 tablespoon every 5 minutes up to three times. Well let me tell you. If you ever need to save a dog's life against rat poison, that is the trick !

This morning Shoeless went to the local vet and started his vitamin K treatments to save him from any effects the poison that was absorbed would cause.

We are very happy to report that we still have a living, happy, bird chasing, ocean swimming, poison free puppy in our house with us tonight. As I head to bed I am so very happy that he is still here to sleep with me tonight!

A Day At The Beach

Yesterday my mother, father and I left their home to head to my brother's beach house for a mini vacation inside of my vacation.
It is an amazing place where you can just run,
sit and relax,
spend time with those you love,
and take time to appreciate all that is around you.
What a wonderful place to remove the grime of life you have been carrying around with you.
I can't wait to enjoy it all again tomorrow!

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