July 14, 2008

Wood = Heat and drama

When we started building the house last year we installed a huge stove pipe and a wood stove in our basement. The original thought that was we would use the stove on just cold cold days and while we lived in the basement before the boiler was installed. Well, as we all know the price of fuel has changed our opinions a little. We found this spring that by installing our HRV unit we were able to put an exhaust vent right over the wood stove in the basement and when we put the unit on circulate it will draw that heat through the rest of the house and into all the rooms, even when the doors are closed.

Thus we decided that an investment into more wood was a good idea. I contacted a local "wood" guy and started the process of negotiating a price and load. We were set to buy 10 cords of wood at his spring price, before the prices went up more. After many phone calls we finally got a call at about 9:15 pm on Sunday night.

Wood Guy: "You still want your wood?"
Me: "Yes" This is the response I had given about 10 times each time he called
Wood Guy: "I will be there in a hour, I am in Ester."

My response: "Ok" (thinking...why in the world are in you Ester, I thought you harvested wood off of Chena Hot springs rd, aka much closer to our house)

At 10:30 pm our Wood guy shows up with this truck of wood. More wood than I have seen in one place, let alone my driveway. Enjoy the pictures and enjoy the rest of the story at the end of this post....

After he unloaded the entire truck in 1/2 hour, we were impressed, he jumps in his truck and tells us to tell our neighbors as he drives away. But the latch on the back of his trailer wasn't clipped and the end of his trailer started to roll down our driveway, luckily being stopped by the hydraulics line. Unfortunately he snapped his electrical cord, ahhh. So Josh helps him position the trailer so he can back up and hook back in. As he slowly backs up, jumps out to check, climbs in the truck to do it again I hear Josh yell. He had run over a log with the truck and had ripped the fuel line off the bottom of his fuel tank on the passenger's side of his rig. Diesel was pouring out. He can't get around the truck so he crawls under, he was a small guy. I grab a bucket but it isn't that useful b/c the log is in the way. Josh runs for his chain saw and starts cutting the wrongly positioned log, well it is on the gravel of the driveway and it starts to cause sparks, yeah with the 30 gallons of diesel right there and the truck overhead. Thankfully after all the drama the wood guy is able to drive away with diesel still pouring out the side and a broken electrical line to his trailer. All I could think was...I should have paid him the summer price. Oh well, I have a feeling we will never see that wood guy again. Thankfully we are also cutting wood ourselves to season for future winters. Hopefully the wood guy will someday forget the drama at 756 Bullion.

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Anonymous said...

oh the drama at 756 bullion...I hope it never ends :) Kevin likes the picture where it seems the wood guy is knocking down other trees to put his dead trees in your driveway.