July 22, 2008

What are you working on in the house?

When asked what we are doing on the house Josh and I casually say, "Oh we are working on a list of things that just need to be done before vapor barrier and drywall."

I just thought I would share the list with you. I know you can't read everything but the list is so long I couldn't zoom in any more. You will note though that there are a lot of things crossed off. Although things seem to be added at same rate. Oh well, here is to the list and the dream of it being done some day soon.


hxriley said...

I sure hope that hanging out with heather is on there...oooh, i see it! and playing w/ juneau...oooh, and having lots of weenie roasts and marshmellow eatin :) i love the klynstras and their wood tablets

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR LIST- you have such a great personality and I love you!