July 29, 2008

We must really like spending time together...

On a cloudy Monday evening our small group got together for a float trip down the Chena. The original plan was to start at University Rd and float to the Heimer's and have pizza on the lawn.

Well, we ended up starting at Peger Rd but that was ok since we laughed and enjoy the cool air and didn't mind the few sprinkles. But since we only had three paddles and one big stick it took a little over a hour to get to the University bridge (our originally planned put in location) and since by that time it was pouring rain we realized that we were having fun but not enough fun to keep it up for another 2 hours. So we called in the parents to pick us up and ended our float trip a little early. But you know what. Even with the rain, calling Nicole's dad and ending our trip early, almost loosing Nicole, burnt pizza, a migraine, and one locked truck with the keys inside, we had a great time. As Ashley said, "We must really like to spend time together." After this, I have to agree. Hey with a Fairbanks summer you just never know what mother nature will throw at you.

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Eve said...

Oh, fun times. Makes me homesick.