July 15, 2008

Up to Date house progress

After not having any pictures to add to my posts yesterday I searched our computer at home to realize, we haven't really taken many pictures this winter. But a lot happened. We insulated, installed electrical, ABS plumbing, a HRV system, a Boiler, and all the pex tubing for the hot water baseboards. Here are a few pictures from last fall through the winter to keep you updated. We will take more pictures now that it is easier to share!

Picture from Sep. when all the windows were finally in! (Note the upside down Lowes logo, siding can't come fast enough...)

Insulating last fall so we could work upstairs during the winter

Installing drywall just on the vaulted ceiling so we could return scaffolding

Our first lights, how exciting.

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Anonymous said...

kathleen---you are the insulating queen & THAT'S WHY I LOVE YA!