July 21, 2008

Lift it high and box it in

This past weekend was a great work time at the Klynstra's. Our friends Mike and Ashley came over Friday night and helped us lift the heavy beam in the basement into place, sandwiched between the current beams and the HRV and plumbing. We were able to secure it up with a bolt and ratchet strap that night. Saturday Josh and I put each bolt in place and when I went outside to haul log rounds Josh worked on building the chase around the beam, HRV and ABS. The chase will be what the drywall will be mounted to so everything can be boxed in once the house is done. So for those of you who will never get to see it exposed in real life...enjoy the pictures before it gets covered up.
Mike is ready to lift...

I think that is in place

Nope move it this way

The finished Chase

One bolt every 20 inches

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