July 24, 2008

Celebrating Two Great Years

In May Josh and I celebrated our second anniversary. We traveled to Lancaster, PA for fun in the Amish countryside. May 13th started with a horseback ride over acres of farmland. Our trail ride was a two hour experience and we were hooked. Josh now agrees with me that we should have a horse of our own someday.

We had lunch at an Amish farmer's market then got ready for my big surprise that Josh has been planning since February, a hot air balloon ride. It was the most fabulous experience. We had the time of our lives. We floated over the countryside watching Amish farmers plowing their fields with horses and mules, sailed over a mile high and then dropped down to where we could almost touch trees and then we got to meet a band of Amish kids who ran to where we landed and helped us pack the balloon up for the night. What a wonderful way to celebrate the past two years and a way to relax after so much had happened over the past year.

Well, back to more work on the domestic water tonight. Enjoy these snapshots from our fun vacation.

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