July 14, 2008

The Beginning

Last month on my birthday I received a bunch of wonderful birthday cards and the messages inside each one followed the same theme,

"Hi, how are you? Is the house done yet?"

I have come to realize how little I have been able to correspond with people regarding all of the many events and activities going on here in Fairbanks and all that Josh and I have been up too. With no internet at home and pretty much all photo websites being blocked at work I am rarely ever able to look at pictures that people send me, let alone share some of my own. Hence my entrance into the blogger's world. I was sent a link to a blog from my mother after some one's child was born and began to realize a few things.

1. The blog site was only blocked on my work computer 1/4 of the time.
2. I could do this! I could write and add pictures for friends and family to see what is going on.

So here I begin. I have to admit it is scary as I lack all of the necessary wit that makes people enjoy reading funny stories but I figured if I at least add a lot of pictures that will make up for any dry or boring comments I make. Now I need to figure out how to add pictures and things should go smoothly.

I am so excited that soon you will get to see how things are going and just how far from done our house really is. But with this site hopefully you will be able to join us on the journey towards completion.

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