December 31, 2008

A Pink Slip in the Form of a White Letter

Our lives are always changing. God presents us with new challenges but is always by our sides. The beginning of 2009 will represent a large change for our family and open the door for new opportunities.

Today is Josh's last day at Alaska Assay Labs. A week and a half ago he received a letter from his boss stating that since the mines that the Lab had contracts with for the winter have closed, the lab has too as well.

The lab plans to reopen in late April but we are praying that Josh will have found other employment before then.

Right at Home

December 30, 2008

House Progress

Over the long Christmas weekend we relaxed but also were able to work on the house.
One project Josh wanted to work on was drywalling the stairwell that goes from the main floor to the third floor.
Look at that, another step accomplished.
And more is coming along all the time!

The Best Soup Ever

What do you do with your turkey after Christmas dinner?

Make Turkey Soup of course.

Thursday night and Friday morning was spent smelling the turkey cook down to create a wonderful pot of broth.
Then the vegetables, cranberry sauce, turkey and seasonings were added.
And all was enjoyed!
What better to eat on cold winter days where the temperature is -38 degrees outside?

Christmas 2008

Our Christmas was very fun and completely relaxing this year.
Wednesday night we had our first family photo with Zeke and then headed to our Christmas Eve service.
There was a lot waiting for us Christmas morning upstairs under out big tree.
Plenty of time to test out our new gifts...
Like the new pair of wool socks I knitted for Josh
We felt very blessed
The day continued with a big Christmas turkey
An vegetables roasted in the crock pot, I will never roast in the oven again!
What a wonderful Christmas.

December 29, 2008

This Christmas season started in September for the Klynstra's this year since I was determined to hand make most of our gifts. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of most of what I made I so I can't show you everything. But in the end we gave a homemade bathmat, wash clothes, scarves, a hat, a lumbar pillow, knit bag and game, dog toy, pot holder and book.

This was the pot holder
(my friend Jeanne taught me to make these)
This is the book I made for my nephew Cash who is 15 months old.

Next year I promise to take better pictures! That is if I can come with new ideas for what to create.

A new look

Just before Christmas Josh proposed a new look for the basement.
Of course a little chaos has to occur before an peace can be found.
But we have settled into our new look. We like it a lot!
You should stop by to see.

December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift

The director's office just called and said we can leave for the day. Woo Hoo.
Merry Christmas to all.
I pray you will have a wonderful celebration with those you love tomorrow.

Christmas Eve

Oh Holy Night
The Stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth.
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope
The weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees,
O, hear the angel voices
O night divine,
O night when Christ was born.
O night divine.

December 23, 2008

Introducing: Zeke

Last week Josh found a posting on Craig's List for a free Holland Lop bunny rabbit. Once we found out he was still available we started preparing. Josh converted our kindling box into a rabbit hutch.
And we picked him up on Sunday night.
So far he is fitting into our little family just great.

December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my husband's birthday I am so thankful for the fun times he has enjoyed this year and for his adventurous spirit
He works so hard at everything he does. You only have to glance at our new house to see that!
Yet he also loves to play. All spring, summer, fall and a few winter days can find Josh out on the swing he hung from our trees in our yard.
I am so thankful for him and that I get to join him on this adventure of his life.
Happy Birthday Josh!


We had an amazing trip to Tolovana! We snowmachined out in the pitch black night on Friday. (this picture is from the trip back)
But were able to make it the 11 miles in to the cabin.
We spent a lot of time relaxing, drinking tea, playing games and enjoying each other's company.
Saturday, midday, we took the snowmachine up to the top of the hill to take in the little bit of sunlight and the view.
We weren't disappointed
After the cold snowmachine ride we headed to the hot tubs
It amazes us how cold it could be yet at the same time boiling hot water naturally comes out of the ground. Josh commented at one point while getting into one of the tubs, "I am so hot I hurt and at the same time I am so cold I hurt." Ah the joy of being 1/2 way in the water. It is hard to make your body adjust to over 100 degree difference in temperatures at the same time.
We spent a lot of great time playing games: Farkel
Asking Trivial Pursuit questions, no board was found, from the 1980's. Almost all of the answers to the Geography questions were the Soviet Union.
Playing card games
And of course a little knitting
Until it was time to head home.
What a wonderful time we had, we are sure to be back. Soon!

December 21, 2008

The Shortest Day Has Arrived

Sunrise: 10:59 am
Sunset: 2:40 pm
Total Daylight: 3 hours 40 minutes

And tomorrow is 0 minutes and 19 seconds LONGER

The turn around has begun!

December 19, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

On Monday, December 22nd, Josh will officially be one year older. With a birthday so close to Christmas it is important for me to be sure and give my husband an extra special, yet separate from Christmas, celebration.

This year instead of wrapping up a present I booked a cabin at Tolovana Hot Springs. There are three cabins located north of Fairbanks that you can rent in this area, and all have natural hot tubs. So we have borrowed a snowmachine from friends, have packed up all our gear, and are ready for the 100 mile drive north and the 11 mile trek into the cabin. With it being so close to Christmas the other cabins are also booked but they are all separated from each other and we should have a wonderful, peaceful, and relaxing Birthday weekend.

If you are curious of where we will be you can check out the website:

We hope you get to enjoy your own special celebrations this weekend as we have ours!

Let Me Tell You A Story

Years ago my mother bought the kids a bear that reads them The Night Before Christmas.   It is a favorite every year to everyone, but Josh....