January 18, 2018

Let Me Tell You A Story

Years ago my mother bought the kids a bear that reads them The Night Before Christmas.  It is a favorite every year to everyone, but Josh.
Only the Christmas lights and paper scraps really entertained Zachary his year, until clean up day.  I set the bear next to his seat as I gathered items around the house.  This little guy was so very happy sitting and listening to a story over and over.  That and maybe giving the bear's hat a quick taste now and then.  Our little man had a good first Christmas.  Hard to believe that by next year he will be walking and talking.  Time moves too fast!

January 17, 2018

Playing In The Sunshine

When building a fort in the month of January, a happy light is always a wonderful addition.  
These two have so much fun playing together every day.  I pray they will always be best buddies.

January 16, 2018

100 Days

Last week the kids completed their 100th day of school for the year.
We celebrated by making 10 piles of 10 M&Ms and decorating chocolate chip bar cookies.
Each M&M for a day of hard work by these two.  What good students.  The fact that everything was red is completely accidental.  

January 15, 2018

Preparing For Traditions

One of our advent traditions is for the kids to open a Christmas story book each day in December.  These are the same books every year.  The kids were old enough this year that they could remember books from previous years and were excited to see different favorites being opened on different days. A fun little tradition we enjoy.  The end of November and early December are always busy with Thanksgiving, starting the Christmas season and Abigail's birthday so I always try and wrap the books at the end of Christmas.  This way I can just open a box on the first day of December and pull out our advent project.
So the other day I sat down to the job of wrapping.  My little miss joined me and was happy to "read" through her books while I worked.  At a time when I am ready to wrap up the Christmas season, it is a good project that makes me sit and reflect on the days we have had this year.  A few not so loved books were thinned out of our stack for the first time EVER and this is good too.  Finding what works for us and what makes the most of our December days.  25 books, wrapped, packed and ready for 2018.  That feels good.

January 12, 2018

Watch Me Build

Ethan loves to build.  Be it legos, marble runs, forts in the yard, tunnels through the furniture, forts in the living room, and super hero houses out of magna tiles.
This boy loves to create and I for one am excited to see just what big thing he makes with this life.  Left up to him I know it is going to be something big (and fast!)

January 11, 2018

Science Time - Melting Snowmen

Nothing says winter time fun like science time.
We studied the principles of quick sand by making our own with corn starch and water.  The official name of this substance is Oobleck.
First it is a liquid
Then it is a solid.  So very fun, messy, sensory, full of science concepts and not all that hard to pull off either.  

A snowman to play with that doesn't include wearing gloves and hats, this works!!

January 10, 2018

Kitchen Helper

This little man turned 7 months old on Monday.  How is the time going by so fast?  
Right now he is:
 -eating solid foods 
-sitting up by himself
-loves all toys
-loves playing peek-a-boo
-filling out his 6 month clothes enough that I switched to 9 month items but they are too big
-working at reaching for something so much when he is on his belly that he is almost getting himself to the crawling position
-has two teeth
-loves sucking on his pointer finger on his right hand
-loves to smile
-Yesterday he participated in his first preschool story hour.  He sat and stared at the librarian for a good 20 minutes so engaged in what she said
-when spoken to he likes to reach out and pat the talker on the cheek.  Almost like he is saying, "oh, I love that you are talking to me."

We love our little man!

Let Me Tell You A Story

Years ago my mother bought the kids a bear that reads them The Night Before Christmas.   It is a favorite every year to everyone, but Josh....