November 8, 2017

We Love Him

A few pictures from Zachary's first few weeks at home.
No matter where the baby was, there was the rest of the kids.  
Abigail can't carry him like this anymore but she certainly enjoyed it while she could.  Oh how she wishes he was HER baby.  Someday my dear, enjoy being six years old now.

November 7, 2017

Science Time - Melted Art

This week I am going to work on posting blog posts started in the past that for some reason or another never we posted.  

A glance back to August and one of our first science times.
I love when science and art combine and when they also use up a lot of random items we have at the house.
Like crayon melting science.  It was fun for the kids to watch the wax melt.  There was a lot of experimenting with how melting changed when the heat was close or far away, from above or down below.  We enjoyed watching how different brands of crayons melted in different ways and talked about why.  Everyone had a great time watching things change their compositions right before our eyes.  After the science of the day was over the kids were left with a fun piece of art that we then hung in their fort.  

November 6, 2017

Art Class

Josh is our resident artist.  As such he is incharge of art class for the kids.  I do crafts but when it comes to instruction on paint, brush strokes, and technique I default to him.  Except when he isn't available.  This fall I have been doings more and more crafts with the kids as I waited for Josh to have the time for art class.  A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and started mama's art class.
You know, at the end of the day when I have taught a successful art class I feel quite accomplished.  Math, science and history are much easier for me to teach than art.  Pushing ourselves into new things, as the student or the teacher, makes for good struggles and successes.  (also helps the toy audience is they age they are.  How thankful I am that they are forgiving of my faults.)

November 2, 2017

He Is So Cool

Zachary loves to watch Ethan play.  Big brothers are so cool.

November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

This year I had two cowgirls, a robot and a tigger.  
 They had a great day.
And I never got a great picture.  But these will do.  Sometimes all the fun means no room in my arms for a camera.  

October 31, 2017

Preparing For Halloween

Halloween.  Not a mom's favorite holiday but certainly a child's favorite.  This is a day that will be filled with costumes, fun, games, candy, parades and lots of FUN.
 This year Josh has been busy and I am not one to carve pumpkins with the kids solo.  So, we were down to the wire last night.  Lucky for us our friend Jessica came to help and Josh made it home to join in the fun as well.  I love being a supplier, cleaner and bystander when it comes to pumpkin carving and I got to be all of these last night.
The kids had so much fun.  Naomi loved carving so much she didn't want it to end.  Jessica was so patient with her and they were excited to carve 2 faces into her pumpkin.  How fun that small pumpkin seeds planted last march when the world was a winter wonderland have grown all summer in our garden and now decorate our home for Halloween.

(Abigail left, Ethan middle and Naomi right)  

Pictures of the kids in their super fun costumes will be posted tomorrow!

October 27, 2017

How They Look

When people see Zachary 9 out of 10 times we hear, "Oh, he looks just like Ethan."  I always smile but really, I just see Zachary.
But then I saw this picture.  I am starting to see what everyone is talking about.  I see these two together all day, everyday but still just see how they are different.  These two boys are more alike than just in looks.  How they love each other!

October 26, 2017

Science Time - Naked Egg

We learned about osmosis by studying eggs recently.  
First we soaked our eggs in vinegar to remove the shell from a raw egg. 
Then we soaked the "naked" egg in water and it swelled up to find a balance between the water in the egg and the water in the cup.  (purple egg)
Then we soaked the swelled egg in corn syrup to show how the egg isn't able to find balance since the sugar molecules are too large to move through the membrane even though the water is pushed out to find a balance.  Thus why we get dehydrated if we eat too much sugar.  (blue egg)
(white egg is a normal raw egg with a shell for comparison) 
Since time is so cool.  
Especially when mama cuts open the purple egg and water gushes everywhere.  
Will they remember all we do?  Nope.
Will they remember science is fun?  I certainly hope so.

October 25, 2017

Stepping Into Her Role

Naomi loves her little brother and she loves that she is a big sister.
She works hard to do all the right things.
She works at getting Zachary toys, helping change his diaper, letting me know when I have spit up down my back so I can get a rag, and most importantly - she "reads" to him whenever she can.  Sharing the pictures is especially important.  

October 24, 2017

Clouds of Rainbows

One thing I am usually very strict on is - I don't let the kids paint inside unless Josh is home to help.
Well, a few weeks ago Josh was working so much and the weather was getting too cold to take craft time out to the deck.  I had one crazy day where I decided to go for it.
Kids, paint, and being creative.  It was honestly a very good time.  I also learned that paint washes off of our floors just fine.  Although the kids did work very hard to keep the paint on the paper, accidents do happen.
After painting I moved the kids on to using up all my scraps of ribbons that I have collected over the years.  There are times when I look at my random collection of things and wonder just what I am doing.  Shouldn't I clean off the shelves and get rid of these items.  Then a craft like this comes along and how thankful I am for my bits and pieces.  
Because, in the end our painting, ribbons and stuffing resulted in rainbow clouds.  A fun way to brighten up the house as winter days settle in around us.

October 23, 2017

Weekend Adventures With Daddy

We aren't a family that is out and about doing a ton of activities all the time.  The kids are little, things cost a lot and honestly, I get tired!!  But this weekend took an unexpected turn towards fun for Josh and the kids.
 Friday night we all enjoyed a tour of the train station, dinner, train book story time and a chance to ring the bell of the 1902 steam engine.  All thanks to the Imagination Library program.
 Saturday morning Josh was given two hockey tickets by a friend.  Ethan was super excited to go with daddy to see his first college hockey game!
The weekend got even more fun on Sunday morning, Josh was offered tickets to the Aaron Tippin concert that was happening Sunday night.  Abigail was thrilled to be daddy's date for her first country and western concert.  What a weekend of fun, all thanks to our friends.  

October 20, 2017

Love This

Whenever people said their kids play games together, without the parents, I always would look at them with wonder.  I couldn't imagine the day when my kids would play a board game on their own.  Let me say folks, it is slowly arriving to this house.  I think part of the issue is Abigail doesn't love board games.  So as the oldest she isn't inclined to seek them out on their own.  Ethan on the other hand would spend all day, every day, playing a game.  Now that Naomi is getting old enough to join him these two are finding their way in the worlds of games without a parent.
No, the rules aren't always followed but you know what - that is OK.  Sibling game time, it is here.